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    Comments: On behalf of the coaches, players, staff and all associated with the University of Michigan, congratulations to our friend and teammate Dr. Asheesh Bedi on his move to the City of Chicago and the Chicago Bears. He will be dearly missed as our Orthopedic Surgeon Specialist and Sports Medicine Doctor. The City of Chicago and the Chicago Bears just got better!

    As a kid, our family was bombarded with numbing repetition, with the challenge to “attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.” Seven years ago I met Dr Bedi who “attacks every day with enthusiasm“, meeting each days’ challenges with outstanding talent , expertise, and an infectious smile.

    He will be missed in Schembechler Hall and on our sideline by all with whom he associated and most importantly the parents and families who knew Dr Bedi was deeply committed to the health, safety and well being of their loved ones.

    I envy my friends and teammates in Chicago who will have the opportunity to meet and associate with Asheesh’s expertise and enthusiasm.

    Good luck to my good friend and trusted ally.
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