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  • Shoulder Stabilization

    Shoulder Stabilization

    Shoulder stabilization surgery is performed to improve stability and function to the shoulder joint and prevent recurrent

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  • Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery

    Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery

    Shoulder reconstruction surgery is an operative procedure in which stretched or torn soft-tissue structures

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  • Same Day Shoulder Surgery

    Same Day Shoulder Surgery

    Same-day shoulder surgery is a procedure that does not require an overnight stay in the hospital.

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  • Shoulder Surgery

    Shoulder Surgery

    Shoulder surgery is a surgical procedure for the treatment of a shoulder injury or shoulder condition.

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  • Shoulder Preservation Surgery

    Shoulder Preservation Surgery

    Shoulder preservation surgery is any surgical procedure that is aimed at preserving the structure and function of the shoulder.

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  • AC Joint Repair

    AC Joint Repair

    AC joint repair is a surgical procedure performed to repair damaged or torn ligaments and tendons of the acromioclavicular (AC) joint.

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  • Revision Rotator Cuff Surgery

    Revision Rotator Cuff Surgery

    Revision rotator cuff surgery is a procedure done to repair a re-tear in the rotator cuff after a failed initial rotator cuff surgery.

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  • Non-surgical Shoulder Treatments

    Non-surgical Shoulder Treatments

    Shoulder injuries can often be treated by non-surgical methods including Resting the Affected Shoulder...

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